Document Management

 As modern business becomes global, it is very important that your information keeps up with you. The Digimate document management software makes that easier than ever, allowing you exceptional freedom, simplicity, flexibility and security to manage and work on your documents from any location.  Any authorized person can create, view, edit, share, control and manage your documents safely and securely anytime and anywhere.

Businesses generate a tremendous amount of paper and digital content. Proposals, announcements , Memos , Office Notes ,  customer profiles, human resources related documents, financial reports, forms , etc  are generated every day. The fact is that, most organizations cannot effectively manage the vast number of documents without good document management software.

Digimate aims to solve this problem by Scanning , storing, tracking, retrieving and managing documents electronically thereby providing a cost effective solution to save time and space. Digimate has a simple Electronic Cabinet , Sub Cabinet  and Folder filing structure. This facilitates the user to organize the document in a way that suits him the best. It also facilitates complete departmental filing system.


 The integrated Workflow Management Software built into Digimate will help you manage your documents and business processes more effectively than ever.

This powerful software will allow user to create complex workflow scenarios to streamline your business processes. User will be able to automate a business process, where a generated document will be passed from one user to the other via email notifications and task assignments. Each user(s) in the path of the defined workflow will be able to perform a variety of tasks such as Review , Approve , or Reject a document, edit attached documents, add attachments, fill forms and much more before passing to the next person(s) in the path.  It also helps in proper tracking and auditing of business processes and document handling.


Correspondence and File Management

 Correspondence management is one of the biggest challenges in any organization.  Since this is normally a manual process, it is fraught with all the problems relating to file creation, storage, retrieval, movement and tracking. By providing an integrated solution with Capture, Organization, Indexing, Search, Retrieval and Workflow functionality, Digimate helps in all steps of the correspondence and file management.

Digimate Correspondence System includes Inward Transaction, Outward Transaction, File-Code Management, Correspondence Tracker and other related modules.

Digimate can be used to capture paper documents (through scanning), electronic documents, fax messages as well as Email Messages into a Central Document Repository. The documents captured can be organized into logical folder structures and indexed with appropriate attributes (like date of correspondence, sender, addressee, subject etc). The inward correspondence can be assigned to specific users/departments for further action. All users along the chain can put comments/annotations and also take appropriate actions (like approval, rejection etc). A trail of all these is maintained in the system and powerful reports can help in providing useful MIS reporting to heads of Government Departments.

Digimate Verticals

Correspondence management is one of the biggest challenges mainly in Govt. organization. Departments like finance , Accounts, Police Dept , planning and development, human resources and other are among the various that are paper intensive and need to boost productivity and collaboration in order to meet high demands. Govt. organization need to deliver improved services to their constituents by routing documents, improving processes, and reducing costs. Ensure ease of access to information to assist in daily operations and drive customer service, best practices, and compliance. Digimate provides Government Agencies with the secure means to eliminate paper-based filing as you manage your records with far greater efficiency. Scanned or imported records are stored in Electronic Cabinet, Sub cabinets and in folders allowing staff to recall records based on a variety of search methods that you can define to maximize search results. users can easily customize their department’s database structure to meet their individual needs.
There are two facets for adopting technology initiatives in Banks, one being the online transaction processing of the banking operations, the other being the electronic management of office systems. While the focus of banking operations is customer interface, transaction processing, computations MIS etc, Electronic Management of Office System include all areas of office management such as correspondence Management, Compliance, Systems and Procedures, reporting and various office management activities. The adoption and extensive usage of both facets of technology initiative will render an Bank, Digimate is a comprehensive multi-user Document management and workflow automation solution and this will be extremely useful in Banks by helping them store, organize, index and retrieve various types of documents they deal with in their day-to-day work. Apart from meeting these generic DMS requirements of the Bank like correspondence, Board Minutes etc. All documents received in the office are digitized with the help of a scanner. They are then in-warded and filed in physical form. Electronic copies of the documents are marked to the dealing officers for disposal as well as to all the officers of the Department for viewing. Unique inward number will be attached to each transaction.
Medical practices continue to fight a constant battle against paper. Despite the emergence of Digital Patient Record Management solutions, the amount of paper in modern practices continues to present a problem. Digimate provides practices with a secure means to eliminate paper-based filing as you manage your patient records with far greater efficiency. Scanned or Imported records are stored in database allowing users to recall records based on a variety of search methods, including Patient Name, Patient ID, Medical Record Number, or Date of Service just to name a few. In Digimate users can easily customize the Healthcare database to their individual needs.
Financial Services firms require a secure and reliable tool to manage their client records as they stay in compliance with different regulations. From the initial Client Profile and Transfer of Asset forms through Execution Notices, Client Correspondences, the paper trail seems to go on forever. Finance and Accounts are paper intensive environments that need to reduce costs, increase service levels and operational efficiencies. Digimate helps in creating central repository with access security privileges assigned and Automate business processes and route documents and files for further action and more..
Regardless of the type of law your firm practices, there is one constant: paper. The documents comprising a single case file can be voluminous. Discovery documents, motions, pleadings and judgments make up just a few of the documents that must be permanently archived within the average firm. And the amount of paper doesn’t change whether you are practicing Commercial Litigation, Divorce, Personal Injury, Workers Compensation or General Practice Law. Digimate provides law firms with the means to eliminate paper-based filing as you manage your client’s files with far greater efficiency. Scanned or imported records are stored in a powerful database allowing users to recall documents based on a variety of search methods, including Client, Customer or Trustee Name, Matter Number or Matter date Etc. In Digimate users can easily customize the Healthcare database to their individual needs.